If you strayed onto this website looking for a good deal but want more options than we can offer, there are a lot of other companies out there that can do a whole lot more than I can. I'll list a few here that can build your website for you, or help you build one using their platform. These will cost more than what I'm offering but still pretty good on a limited budget.

Talk to Travis Reems at Ekklesia Foundation. He and his team will build a very basic website for small churches for a very low price. Currently the cost is $60 for hosting and domain, plus $40 to build. It is built in WordPress, which some say is better than the website builders I use.

I like the look of Carpenter's Path. They have several options including a one-page site with free setup. Other options are available for businesses and non-profits. Every option includes a reasonable monthly hosting fee. I highly recommend Carpenter's Path.

CloverSites has a website platform designed specifically for churches. You pay a one-time setup fee and a low monthly rate for hosting. Their templates are beautiful and varied. You build it yourself.

Another website company with a great offering for churches is called MyChurchWebsite.net. You pay for the use of their product and build the site yourself.

FaithConnector has been hosting church websites for 15 years. Their prices are competitive and they have good customer support.

There are a lot of other website companies listed in a 2015 article at Church Tech Today. Do a search and I'm sure you will find many more options.

Affordable Outreach builds your site, up to three pages, for free and all you pay for is the domain name and hosting. There are no extra features like those offered by the companies above. 

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